Dental Implants with Bridges Combination

Just like in any art, Dentistry can get very creative. In situations when an individual has several strong healthy natural teeth by has other areas where there are no teeth or weak ones, a combination of dental implants with as posts to dental bridges can be installed. This particular decision is extremely important to be understood both by one of our specialists and the individual as it has tons of advantages. First of all, it is somewhat always recommended to keep your natural teeth as much as possible.

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So, by doing this, our dentists will find a way to work around what is already there. The dental bridges will connect with any particular dental implants that would be placed to achieve a full mouth restoration with a combination of implants, bridges, and crowns. There might be cases where it is better to simply knock all remaining healthy teeth and simply proceed with an All-on-Four or Dentures.

Our goal is to make sure you understand exactly all your alternatives so you can make an informed solution while visiting us in Los Algodones. The best way to find out if you are a candidate for a combination of Dental Implants with bridges is to submit your Panoramic Xray. As far as the cost, it can vary tremendously depending on what combination(s) is right for you.

Step by step process for dental implants with bridges combination

1st Step: ( Book your dental evaluation ) via our website or call.
2nd Step: Complete the Medical Questionnaire and send us a panoramic Xray if you have one.
3rd Step: We will provide you with several options/quotes for you. If you agree to proceed, we will arrange for you to come for a visit for a complete dental diagnostic with our specialist.
4th Step: Once at the clinic, we will finalize your treatment plan and proceed with surgery, typically on the same day. Keep in mind you might need to stay for a couple days in the area and a 2nd visit months later may be required.

A full mouth restoration treatment may require several visits so it is important that you plan ahead. Typically if dental implants are necessary, its permanent crowns & bridges are placed at least 4 months later to give time for the implant to weld with the jawbone. All Q&A’s can be easily answered by contacting us with your panoramic X-ray.

Package Price - $ 5,000 USD - $ 18,000 USD  ( Complete Mouth Restoration )

Package Includes:
- Initial Screening
- Panoramic Xray
- All dental prosthetics, material
- Doctor fees
- Operating room fees
- Material used
- Ground transportation from Yuma AZ to Los Algodones

1) How do I know what type of Full Mouth Restoration do I need?
2)   What is the most affordable option to get a full mouth restoration?
3)   What option out of all of them has a faster recovery?
4)   Are there any guarantees that the work will be done correctly?
5)   How strong is the pain and how long will the recovery take place?

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